Welcome to Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts! ~Namaste

Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts is excited to offer a resource for wellness and healing to the town of Union, its surrounding neighbors and beyond through online offerings at this challenging time. My mission is to provide opportunity and hold sacred space for those who seek the path to wellness and a deeper quality of life through the practice of yoga.
Through regular practice of Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (posture), and Savasana (relaxation) one can access the well-spring of vitality within, and find a deep sense of center and balance. My goal is to hold the space needed to help each participant grow as an individual and begin to realize the resources and power they have within them to influence their own health and well-being.

Thus one should know oneself to be of the nature of Existence~Consciousness~Bliss {Sat~Chit~Ananda} ~Sankara