Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is the perfect blend of yoga and massage, involving rhthymic compression and kneading of tissues, as well as pressure point work along lines of energy (sen lines), and facilitated yoga stretches. This lovely modality works to open up and balance the flow of vital energy through the energy channels of the body, helps to unwind and relax tension, as well as helping to support healthy range of motion in the joints, leaving the recipient feeling relaxed yet invigorated, and ready to move forward with their day. It is practiced on a mat on the floor, and recipients remain fully clothed. It is recommended that clients wear comfortable clothing for movement as you would for a yoga class or a workout. This modality is lovingly and jokingly referred to as "lazy man's yoga" in the Thai tradition as the movements are facilitated by the practitioner and the recipient is more passive.

90 minute Thai Yoga Massage, $110

If you enjoy the openness and free flowing feeling you have in your body after yoga, but also love the relaxation and nourishing quality of massage, Thai Yoga Massage might just be up your alley. Click here to request an appointment.  Sawadee!