Weather Cancellation Check In:

The whole March Yoga Session is suspended starting 3/16/20 due to threat of Coronavirus. Bliss will be closed for 2 weeks for both yoga and healing arts and we will re-evaluate as we see how things develop. Om & Prem.

Weather Cancellation Procedures:

1. Weather/Illness related cancellations will be posted on the Weather/Illness  Cancellation Check-in page of the Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts website, as well as the Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts Facebook Page as soon the decision to cancel has been made. 

2. A group email and/or individual text message will be sent to participants in the class(es) cancelled if there is 1 day or more notice of the need for cancellation.

3. If the class must be cancelled with late notice (a couple of hours prior to class), then students will receive a text message or phone call as notification of the cancellation. Note: It is much more efficient for me to reach everyone via email or text message than it is for me to have to call around a dozen people in a timely manner, or when I am not well, so if you know that these are adequate methods to reach you, please let me know at the start of the session you register for during the season where cancellation might be more prevalent. 

4. When in doubt, please feel free to call, email, or text me to ask if we have class. If you are texting me, please include your name at the end of the text as I do not store my students information in my phone.