Who am I who speaks, walks, stands and functions on this elaborate stage known as the world? I should find this out. ~Yoga Vasishta

Session Sign-up

Save money and make the commitment to yourself to sign up for one or more yoga sessions. See Class Schedule to determine the classes that suit your needs.

To Register:  All interested participants are requested to contact Kamala Devi Amanda Barrows through the "contact us" portion of this website (click here) or call (207) 619-3581 to register for a class. Those wishing to save money by committing to a session are requested to pay in advance as space is limited and this will guarantee your spot in class. Checks should be addressed to Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts. Session payments are non-refundable and do not carry over to future sessions (with some exceptions made for health or emergency related circumstances). However, if you do find that you must miss a class, you are most welcome to "make up" that class in any of the others listed on the schedule for that session (space permitting). Those who prefer not to commit to a session are still welcome to attend on a single class basis, at a slightly higher rate, and are also requested to sign-up prior to class due to space availability.

Send Payment to Mailing Address or Pay through Paypal:

Mailing Address:

Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts
P.O. Box 971
Union, ME 04862
If you would like the option of paying by credit card through paypal or if you have a paypal account, please contact us with your registration interest and Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts will send you a Paypal Invoice to be paid by the registration deadline.
*Registration is requested for all single class (i.e. drop-in) and session participants as space is limited. Thank you!