Ayurvedic Head, Face & Foot Massage

Ayurveda is the ancient healing science of India dating back thousands of years. It is the sister science to Yoga. Literally meaning "the science of life", Ayurveda looks at life and its interconnections and how everything is related. It teaches us to live in balance and harmony within our own nature as individuals, as well as within the bigger picture of nature as a whole, as the same elements and forces are present in both aspects of nature as one and the same. Finding balance within the rhythms of nature on both levels is an intricate and beautiful science. 
Ayurvedic massage has been practiced in India for over a thousand years as a regular part of health and self-care. This practice restores a sense of calm and balance to the body, as well as nourishing the skin and connective tissues. Massaging the head, face and feet, while bringing ample benefits to these regions themselves, also stimulates the abundance of nerve points found in these areas related to various organs and organ systems of the body, so the whole body benefits from the experience. 

In this treatment, you will receive massage for the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, hands, arms, feet and lower legs using a delicious array of Ayurvedic oils, deeply infused with the healing essence of numerous herbs to nurture and rejuvenate the body and being. On the face, you will receive an herbal facial massage using Ayurvedic herbal clays and oils that are best suited to your current state to cleanse, rejuvenate, nourish and support balance. 

This treatment is gentle, soothing and nurturing from the skin deep down to the core of your being leaving you with a healthy glow of inner radiance. All oils/clays are 100% herbal and include absolutely no chemicals. 

Benefits are far from superficial and may include:

Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging
Improved lymph flow
Stimulates nerve function
Stiimulates and invigorates all organs and body tissues
Stimulates endorphin release
Stimulates hair growth
Improves relaxation, creating calmness and emotional well-being
Improves concentration and mental clarity
Brings a sense of stability and being rooted in yourself (relieving anxiety and tension)
Strengthens the feet and alleviates coarseness and fatigue
May improve the manifestation of 
    *tension headaches
    * eye strain 
    * ear problems
    * neck and shoulder stiffness
    *Bell's Palsy
    *scalp tension
    *mental fatigue

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
Cost: $85.00